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At Eamon Costello (Kerry) we are dedicated to ensuring that our activities are conducted in a manner that achieves and maintains the highest environmental standards.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations aiming for zero incidents, reducing operational carbon, minimising waste, using sustainable materials and preventing damage to wildlife habitats.

We are cognisant of the potentially negative and lasting impact poor practices can have on the wider community and environment and ensure suitable measures are taken to prevent this.

We are continually developing our environmental monitoring and have the equipment and staff in house to monitor and report on aspect such as air quality, noise and vibration.

Awards & Accreditation

  • ICE Award Winners Cert 2024 Education Project1 Eamon Costello 2
  • VCR Logo 2022 2023
  • Irish Green Building Council
  • NSAI
  • safetcert
  • NSAI Certified
  • heritage
  • homebond
  • niso 1
  • links irishgeorgiansociety
  • CIRI